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We are pleased to share with you that the Arth-bodh under the aegis of Indira Global Business School (IGBS) is conducting investor’s awareness programs through its Committee on Financial Markets & Investors' Protection. One of the social objectives is to educate people on the complexity of finance in terms of

Personal savings and investments. It also enables investors to better understand the products, the associated risks and the needs.

Purpose: To conduct educational & interactive programs for new investors, educate them on achieving financial wellbeing and help them get started with basic tasks to manage their personal finances better, guide them towards creating wealth and fulfil life's financial goals & dreams.

The financial education program sensitizes the participants on:

  • The need for planning one’s financials
  • Inculcate the habit of saving and investments
  • Improve financial discipline
  • Help make informed financial decisions.

Traditional Day Celebrations

On 7th February IGBS organized “Traditional Day” which saw enthusiastic participation from the batch of 2019-21. As the name suggests the event was an effort to celebrate the diverse traditions & cultures of our beautiful country- India; with harmony! The students, faculty & staff of the institute came dressed beautifully portraying the dress of different regions or India. Some students presented dance performances exhibiting their rich cultural heritage through the medium of dance. Truly it made us all realize that for us Indians it is “Unity in Diversity”.

Indira Foundation Day 2019

5th September 2019 Indira Group of Institutes celebrated its Foundation Day as another successful year passed by. IGBS faculty who were doctorates were recognized with Citations of Honor as well. The pre-lunch Foundation Day ceremony was closed with a special interview, a “Vartalaap” with IGI Chairperson Dr. Tarita Shankar and Group Director, Prof. Chetan Wakalkar. It was truly a wondrous and magical day for all IGBS faculty and staff which ended with a beautiful ghazal program by the music maestros- Ashok Khosla and Jazim Sharma.

Bollywood and Twin’s Day Celebrations

The campus premises of IGBS turned into sets of the film not due to the film shooting because it was a Bollywood day and Retro Day. The students of IGBS organised different days of celebration on campus. On 5th February 2020 it was Bollywood and Retro day where students dressed like Bollywood actors. On the previous day, they celebrated Twins Day where many wore similar clothes to look like twins.

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