Learning methodologies



Lectures are used primarily for introduction of the subject and understanding the key aspects of the subject matter in order to facilitate students to work independently on their preparations. Lectures orient the students with the recommended text and help them in enlarging their vision to look beyond conventional learning.

Case Studies

The approach will help the students in getting hands on feel of implementing organizational strategies in classroom. It will give an opportunity to students to analyze, conclude and recommend corrective actions for understanding management strategies. The approach will test the students’ ability to think analytically the real world problems and applying techniques they learn.

Career Development Programes :

IGBS provides a marked contrast to traditional classroom activities, enabling students to participate in intensive leadership focused activities. The career development programes also provides a forum for students to develop general business knowledge and exposes them to a wide variety of applied management principals.

Management Simulations :

When the teams deals with such projects, they approach through different angles based on varied works, classroom, life and practical experiences, synthesizing those different perspectives into a cohesive solution.

Social Responsibility Project :

For sustainability of organization they have to be socially responsible in the geographies they operate. Working on social responsibility projects will provide students grass root understanding of global challenges.

Media Project :

Experts from the industry will guide students on contemporary topics based on media research and analysis.