Group Director’s Message

Prof. Chetan Wakalkar
Group Director – Indira Group of Institutes
Globalization has created a shift towards a more integrated and interdependent world economy. The sourcing of the production process to various locations around the Globe has led to the creation of several ‘Global Products’ and through offering of standardized products worldwide we see the creation of a ‘Global Market’.

The business case for Global leadership is compelling today. There is a strong need for ‘boundaryless’ cooperation in organizations and societies. In the new world order almost all work is Global in scope and Global knowledge is becoming an essential economic reality. It is increasingly evident that to establish Global Leadership individuals will have to unlearn and learn extremely rapidly. It’s the leaders who possess a truly Global point of view will drive sustainable success.

The Management Program offered at the Indira Global Business School is about establishing global leadership. It focuses on developing individuals who can handle management responsibilities that are global in scope.