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Take this medication by mouth as directed by your doctorusually once dailySome brands of this medicationthose containing metoprolol tartratemay be better absorbed when you take them with or right after a mealOther brandsthose containing metoprolol succinatemay be taken with or without foodFollow your doctor’s directions for your brandand take it the same way at the same time each day.

A very serious allergic reaction to this drug is rareHoweverget medical help right away if you notice any symptoms of a serious allergic reactionincludingrashitching/swellingespecially of the face/tongue/throatsevere dizzinesstrouble breathing.

Do not crush or chew extended-release capsules or tabletsDoing so can release all of the drug at onceincreasing the risk of side effects.

If you have any concerns about taking this medicineask your doctor or pharmacist.

It works by affecting the body’s response to some nerve impulsesespecially in the heartAs a resultit decreases the heart’s need for blood and oxygen and therefore reduces the amount of work the heart has to doIt also helps the heart to beat more regularly.

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